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Sinaran Surga private Spa
Wisdom & Pleasures

The Balinese Spa

The respect and well being of the body belongs to the culture of any country throughout Asia, as a way to treat your health, but also your soul.

The development of Spas in the region was made possible because generations of people were taught to take care of themselves, as a form of self respect, but also the respect due to the Nature they belong to. This is why Nature is an integral part of the Asian Spas.

Bali tends to develop this art of life more than any other place in the world, with the association of daily rituals, ceremonies and the weight of long traditions in the field of massage, scrubbing and treatments, as well as the use of multiple natural products. And before all, Balinese Spa is a world apart, which brings a unique experience through its visual appeal and sensual pleasures.

Much more than treatments, the quality of cares and services in Bali is to restore the equilibrium in our body, and to stimulate its own natural healing system. It brings to anybody pleasure of senses and wellbeing. But it gives also a message from Nature to maintain oneself a good health.

To complement the comfort of its guests, Sinaran Surga is offering an outside pavilion spa in each of its villas, nestling in the quietness of their tropical garden.

A dedicated and professional staff has been chosen to cater for all the spa treatments our clientele might request during their stay, whether for massage, body treatments, scrubs or bathing.

Among a large choice of natural products and services, we would like to introduce certain of our specialties.

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The balinese massages

The Lemurut massage

This treatment is advised to our guests at the beginning of their stay, to relax the body after a stressful journey and prepare it to long exposition to the tropical sun. It helps to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin, while removing the dead cells.

We use active ingredients derived exclusively from traditional products, such as coconut blends, rice powder, kencur, temu or kayuputih.

The Santan Kani Massage

This recipe belongs to the Balinese culture and was passed through generations. It is based on techniques commonly used in villages, to relieve tension, improve circulation and create a feeling of wellbeing. It includes stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and thumb pressure.

The preparation of the body is done with freshly grated coconut to nourish the skin and regulate its temperature.

The Luluran Body Treatment

Being scrubbed, wrapped and nourished in Asia’s treasure chest of rejuvenating herbs, flowers and fruits is a memorable experience you can only live in Indonesia and Bali.

One of the great secrets of Javanese royalty is LULUR, a luxury body scrub, believed to be one of the nature’s best exfoliating methods. This Javanese health and beauty ritual was performed by ladies of the royal family for centuries, as a treatment for beauty, healing or preparation for wedding. Numerous recipes were transmitted through the years and Sinaran Surga offer you the pleasure to enjoy some of them.

LULURAN Body treatment include a Balinese massage; Lulur scrub with a paste derived from various extracts of Turmeric, Green Tea or black rice; wrapping in hot towels; rinsing; rubbing with a yogurt conditioner and bathing in hot tub filled with flower petals.

Many other treatments can be proposed on the Sinaran Surga Menu, referring to traditional techniques such as Hot Stone massage or Reflexology, or more local ones, such as Herbal bath or Bebuahan cares with fruit scrub. They will be advised by the therapists after consultation of our private guests.